An effective and reliable radio communications system requires planning properly. Our consulting and project management takes care of your project ambitions.

We survey the coverage location and design the best system, for coverage and reliability.

We can plan, design, and implement a wide-area radio repeater system for you.

We deal with OFCOM for our clients, to obtain the appropriate licences, and ensure regulatory compliance.

We install the equipment, to FCS 1362 standards.

We project manage the project, from start to finish.

System design of new radio systems from initial meeting, to working installed system.

Tell us what you wish to achieve, and we design and project manage the total solution.

The Process

After initial contact with the client, we will visit you at your site, in person.

During our initial meeting, we will discuss your requirements and objectives, for a new radio communications system.

We will also carry out initial signal range testing, to establish what equipment will be required.

For example, some coverage areas might require a radio repeater, as part of the system design, but other sites might not.

Once we have established what the customer wants, and how to technically achieve it, we will draw up a quote.

The quote will be the total installed cost of the radio communications system and includes everything, including design, licence application, installation, and setup.