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Internet Of Things Consultancy & Solutions: M2M: Connection of machine & environmental monitoring sensors to the Internet, via wireless integration, known as Internet Of Things / IOT.  Technologies including Sigfox, GSM, The Things Network (LoraWan), WIFI, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc.

What is the Internet of Things

IOT, which is short for the Internet of Things uses remote wireless sensors to monitor data from wide range of sensors. The data could be the level of snow on a mountain, or traffic levels on certain roads in a city.

Yesway Ltd is mainly  focused is on LoraWAN, which is a Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) wireless communication technology.

LoraWAN is a narrowband technology, and allows you to transfer small amounts of data wirelessly from a sensor placed in a location, such as a field or road, to the Internet (via a ‘Gateway’ Device).

The Internet of Things (IOT) can of course use other ways of transferring collected data top the internet Gateway device.

These include other wireless technologies, such as WIFI & 5G.

Data can also be transferred through physical wires, if the sensors are a close distance to the Internet Gateway device.

IOT Gateway

The function of the Gateway device in the LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) Internet of Things network, is to receive the wireless signals from the sensors.

Once the Gateway device receives the data signal it transfers it to the Internet. This transfer is achieved using methods such as an Ethernet wired connection from or WIFI etc (depending on the Gateway output connections).

A number of manufacturers produce LPWAN Internet-Of-Things Gateways, both in Europe and the USA.

Design Considerations

Some are designed for indoor usage, and some for external mounting outside.

One consideration when purchasing an IOT Gateway is what is known as the IP Rating.

IP stands for Ingress Protection.

The IP Rating states how well a piece of equipment can withstand environmental factors, such as dust and water.

The manufacturers specification will detail the IP Rating for that particular model.

In the project management planning stage for a new Gateway installation, consideration of where the Gateway is to be installed is important.

The manufacturer will state whether the equipment is for indoor or outdoor usage, but this is not enough.

For example an Internet of Things  Gateway that is going to be potentially submerged in water, should have an IP rating of IP67 or IP68, depending on the duration and severity of the potential water immersion.

Another consideration to be made by the IOT Gateway installer is whether the device is going to be located in a coastal location.

Coastal locations, due to the fact that the sea is salty have a potentially corrosive effect on electrical and electronic installations. Sea spray and coastal rain cause this.

Therefore the Gateway needs a high IP Rating, and the case material needs to be able to withstand the environmental conditions. Materials such as sealed plastic cases, and Marine grade stainless steel are suitable.

You may need to protect your Gateway inside a suitable case, as they are not designed to be submerged, for  example.

Encasing a Gateway in a case will have implications for its operational performance.

For example, the Gateway has an antenna on it, to receive the data transmitted by radio waves. By enclosing the Internet of Things Gateway inside another case will ‘Attenuate’ the signal.

Attenuation means that less signal reaches the antenna of the gateway, and therefore the external sensors need to be closer to the Gateway, to work.

The problem of attenuation due to the extra casing can be resolved by fitting an external antenna onto the ‘new’ casing, and connecting it to the Gateway inside. Of course this solution is subject to the Gateway device having an external antenna connection facility.

When fitting an external antenna to a new case, care needs to be taken to ensure that the IP Rating of the new (external) case is not compromised.

Additional fitments to the case, such as the antenna mounting should be of equal IP Rating to the case, to ensure the desired performance against dust and water.

Build up of case pressure is another consideration. If a unit is sealed, there can be pressure build up inside the case, due to altitude changes etc.

This can result the waterproof seals which are between the case lid, and the main part, ‘blowing’.

If the seals become compromised then water and dust ingress can take place, and damage occur.

Pressure build up inside the case also increases the chance of damage to the internal electronic components.

The solution is to fit the case with special pressure relief valves to the case. These can be obtained fairly cheaply, and will prevent the build up of pressure, due to atmospheric and altitude changes.


Below are some  links to other pages on our site, which give further information on what can be monitored using wireless sensor technology.

The data from the wireless sensors is send to the internet cloud, via a device called a gateway.

Once on the internet cloud, it can be processed, analysed and even make automated decisions, such as triggering an action.

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Yesway’s wireless Internet of Things division is an innovation and product design consultancy specialising in the development of Internet of Things Connected products.

We are a talented small, and dynamic team of multi skilled engineering specialists who combine a fantastic talent for creativity with technical expertise in order to serve other businesses, to gain competitive advantage.

We are dedicated to making your business more prosperous, using our unique mix of skills, to complement yours.

Our team is led by Craig Miles who has over 20 years experience in the field of engineering.

Craig has been fortunate to work in a variety of engineering, manufacturing, product development, and telecommunications industry positions.

These include:-

Astrium Space Ltd (Multi-National Defence Aerospace / Space Industry),

Hertfordshire County Council (Design Technology Teacher),

Yesway Communications (Wireless Communications)

Guidance / GCS Ltd (Wireless Offender Tagging Product Engineering)

Most recently Craig has been teaching Marine Electrical maintenance & Electronics to industry employees from countries around the world.

This was at the world renowned South Shields Marine School as a Marine Electrical & Electronics Lecturer & trainer.

Previously, Craig studied Telecommunications and business marketing at degree level, and also achieved a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE).
Craig also has taught students at HNC level in Industrial Automation and Electronics, as well as having done a practical vocational apprenticeship in mechanical engineering (Milling, Turning etc) and electrical (Installation, Fault Finding, Maintenance etc) prior to university.
Craig is also a naturally creative out of the box thinker.
We believe what makes us unique as a business is because we combine great creative ability with, academic knowledge (degree etc), practical engineering skills (we know how to weld and fabricate metal!) and knowledge of Education & Psychology.

We absolutely love working with people as much as wires, transistors and metal, and our philosophy is to ‘go the extra mile’ for our clients, who we regard as another department of our own company.
We wish to to work with businesses with a growth mindset, in other words ones that believe that they are not fixed, and can develop (using our help) new skills and ways of doing things.

Whether your business is a startup, SME or large multi-National business, lets work together and succeed even more.

We are also working with the Lincoln Things Network, which is a worldwide crowd sourced open ‘Internet Of Things’  network.

Our director Craig is the initiator for the Lincoln Community.

This is the link for the Lincoln page.

Or alternatively take a look at this video:-

The Things Network from Soda Content on Vimeo.

We will work with you anywhere in the world, either in person, or via the internet. We are looking for long term clients, and aim to be celebrating our mutual success and collaboration in 25 years time (we will bring the celebration cake, with the 25 candles – Just imagine the taste)





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