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222 Mhz 1.25 meter band Ham Radio Repeaters for USA

The 222 Mhz 1.25 meter band is used by so called ‘Radio Hams’ in North America, such as the USA & Canada.

The 1.25 metre band is not available for use in the UK and the rest of Europe, as the frequencies are used by commercial DAB public radio broadcasting services (UK).

There is some second hand trunked equipment in the UK that is capable of being converted to the USA 1.25 Mhz have radio band.

This equipment sometimes turns up on ebay in the UK, but it should be made clear that it cannot be used legally for Ham (Amateur) radio in the UK & the rest of Europe.

USA Ham radio operators can of course purchase and use this equipment, so it may be worth checking the UK online auction sites for used radio equipment.

As it has limited use in the UK, it can often be purchased very cheaply, though of course you will incur increased postal costs to export from the UK to the USA or Canada.