Aerial spotting in Lincoln

Today I went hunting for communications aerials around Lincoln. Not for me a camoflaged landrover, as they use for hunting out in Africa, no sir.

Instead I cunningly disguised myself inside a number 27 bus, armed only with my two greatest assets (my eyes cheeky!).  For those people who say that two way radio communications is a thing of the past, I have news for you.

There are many business radio antennas on chimneys and roofs, as well as on vehicles, proving that radio comms is alive and well, or that people are too lazy to take down the aerials! Seriously though, the industry is forecast to grow by 20% each year to 2017, that’s 100% in the next five years for those who can’t count.

The latest vehicle antennas can be very discrete, so you have to keep you eyes peeled, but I still managed to return home (by number 27 of course) with a bulging trophy cabinet 🙂

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