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Solar Charged Walkie Talkies for Events

walkie talkie hire


We provide your event with quality solar charged handheld walkie talkies.

We charge the radios up prior to delivery to your event using the power of the sun, yes that’s right!

We have developed what we believe to be the Uk’s first system of charging our walkie talkies using solar.


Based in Lincoln, but available all over the place, we have the experience and radios to make your event go smoothly.


(01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818


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Solar powered event hire

walkie talkieHire two-way walkie talkies from the only* company that uses the power of the sun to charge our handheld hire radios.

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We have now built a system that allows us to charge up our radio hire fleet, using solar power, rather than the mains electricity supply.

This benefits the environment by not using electricity from the plug, which is often generated by nuclear power and fossil fuels, such as coal and gas.

We are also introducing solar chargers that can be hired for your event, to recharge our hired two-way radios at your event.


(Call: (01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818




*as far as we are aware we are the first and original company to offer 100% solar charging of our radio hire fleet in the uk.





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spalding arts event provided with radio hire at last minute.

walkie talkie hire
walkie talkie hire
walkie talkie hire

Imagine realising at the last minute that you did not have enough radios for your event.

That’s what happened to a local arts organisation that was organising an event in Spalding.

We were phoned at 7PM on a Thursday night, with a last minute request to hire radio communications equipment.
The event was due to take place over the weekend, and the equipment was required to be delivered by 8:30 AM the next morning.
Fortunately the event organisers had called Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire, and we worked late into the night to check, charge and arrange the paperwork for the Friday morning delivery.

As promised, we delivered the radio hire equipment on time at the required location.

We aim to go the extra mile for our clients.

Do you have a last minute requirement for walkie talkies (two way handheld radios)?

(01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818

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Yesway Communications provide two-way-radio communications services to the London area. Our Fleetcomm handheld walkie talkie network, along with our wider south east england communications radio repeater network, provide reliable long distance communications solutions for a low fixed monthly fee.

Hire or buy equipment, and receive personal advice and solutions from a ‘national local business’

Contact Craig on 07905 025328

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Fairs needing reliable two way radio communications can benefit from walkie talkie hire for £10per radio / per week.

walkie talkie

For large fairs in ‘open country’, we would recommend using VHF.

VHF refers to the frequency band, and is short for Very High Frequency.

The best thing to do is to contact us to discuss your fair event requirements..

We can then survey your event location, either in person, or by google virtual reality.

Once we know the terrain and any obstacles that may affect the radio signals, we can then advise you on the best equipment for your fair.

Call us on: 01522 740818, or use the contact form, or live chat facility, on our website.

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cheap walkie talkie hire

entel walkie talkie
walkie talkie hire

We provide  quality walkie talkie hire throughout Lincolnshire, Yorkshire & other areas of the Uk for just £10 per unit / per day. All radios are all professional licensed high power models, unlike some of our competitors.

We mainly use quality radios from Entel and Kenwood.

The radios can be programmed to a hire frequency by us (included in price), or put on your own Ofcom frequency (need to see copy of licence).

If programmed to hire frequencies, the licence cover is included in price.

These radios are suitable for reliable  communications, such as around factories, sites or events such as school fetes & sports days.

Price £10 per radio per week, including case and earpiece if required at no extra charge.

Delivery is free for 5 or more radios, though you are responsible for sending back.


Contact Craig on 01522 740818 for details.