Lincoln Cathedral Two Way Radio

Lincoln cathedral now uses Hytera two-way radio to coordinate services and visitors.

Their existing otdated analogue based system was very old and needed replacement.

Yesway Communications’ were approached to quote for a new system, and we were awarded the contract;

A full radio range survey was carried out, including from the roof!

Whilst we were up on the roof, we surveyed the existing wireless communications systems, that are up there.

Being a high building on a high hill, the cathedral is naturally a popular place to mount an antenna on top.

This popularity has resulted in a number of antennas being mounted on the central tower roof.

Although modern digital two-way radio equipment such as the Hytera BD505 has excellent resistance to RF (Radio Frequency) intererence, we wanted to thoroughly analyse potential interference issues.

Lincoln cathedral is over 1000 years old and built of thick stone.

After extensive testing, we decided to move the system from VHF to UHF.

VHF is great in open country, but there was a coverage blackspot, that changing to UHF solved.

The original two-way radios used the older analogue technology, which is gradually being superseded by digital.

There are two types of digital two-way radios, DMR and dPMR.

DMR has emerged as the dominant standard in much the same way that VHS video recorders (remember them) became more popular than the Betamax standard.

The equipment we recommended to Lincoln Cathedral was the Hytera BD505.

Hytera BD505
DMR Digital Technology

The Hytera BD505 offers IP54 ingress protection, making it ideal for mainly indoor use, inside the Cathedral.

The compact design and DMR digital technology gives the cathedral a radio that is easy to carry, and with excellent sound quality.

Ongoing support and customer service is being provided, and we are so honoured and grateful to Lincoln Cathedral, for choosing us to serve them.