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Radios for Hotels

hotel radios

Hytera make a number of both analogue and digital radios suitable for the hotel industry.

Small, rugged and compact and just what you need to enable efficient running of your hotel.

Imagine being able to ask your chamber maid in room 10 to add an extra pillow that the guest has just asked for at reception.

Well yes I suppose you could go upstairs and tell him / her, but that would take time, and your time is valuable.


Yes I suppose you could use a mobile phone, but aren’t you trying to discourage your staff from using their mobile phone?

Get a radio, be it Hytera or Entel (or another brand, which we can also supply).

(01522) 740818

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A Good Digital Radio for your Schools Data Protection – Hytera Radios

Hytera PD405 UHF DMR Digital Radio

As qualified teachers ourselves, we understand the importance of Safeguarding your students when In Loco Parentis.

In addition to Safeguarding concerns, Data Protection should be paramount for your school, college or other academic institution.

Many of the radios being used in schools and colleges today are risking confidentiality by not being encrypted.

This means that anyone in the area, with cheaply available equipment can listen in to what is being said over your walkie talkie radios.

We offer a free audit to schools in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire to check that your radio equipment is not easy to eavesdrop on.

We also can train your staff in the risks and responsibilities that they as radio users need to comply with. This includes the relevant Wireless Telegraphy acts.

We can help you make sure you are providing the best in terms of data security and ensuring the confidentiality of your students.

A radio that we would recommend you consider is the Hytera PD405, or PD755 models.

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3 year warranty on Power 446

These rugged radios offer IP66 protection with the benefit of being produced by a major world brand.

I’m interested Craig I here you say, but what the heck is IP66 protection anyway???

If you mistakenly thought that IP66 protection was a new type of contraceptive, then you my friend are way off the mark. IP66 means that you can spray the radio with powerful water jets and it’ll be alright, though this is not recomended as an impress your mates party piece.

IP66 also means it is dust proof, but don’t  just take my word for it, have a look at this wikipedia link (but remember to come back again afterwards)

Our price £124.95, including VAT, and delivery in mainland Uk.

[nicepaypallite name=”Buy HYT Power 446 Now” amount=”124.95″]  £124.95 inc VAT