Have a question? 01522 740818 6Lowpan What is 6lowpan? The name 6LoWPAN comes from an acronym consisting of a combination of the  IPv6 Internet Protocol and also Low-power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPAN).  6lowpan is designed to allow the Internet Protocol to be wirelessly transmitted on small devices , which Read more…

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How to Build a Lorawan Gateway

What is  Lorawan First of all, what is Lorawan.  It is a wireless technology that allows small amounts of data to be sent between a remote sensor (such as a river level detector), and the Internet. Lorawan technology is very efficient at sending the sensor data over long distances, whilst Read more…

Equipment Re-Engineering

Do you want a more efficient Business?

We can help improve the efficiency of your business, by designing a wireless system that connects your business to the Internet of Things.   Designing and re-engineering existing infrastructure such as factories and shipping for the connected world of the Internet of Things  can be confusing at present, with seemingly Read more…

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What is a LoraWAN Gateway

A LoraWAN Gateway is a device that receives (and potentially sends) the wireless data from your lora enabled sensors, and then connects it to the Internet. These sensors are typically low powered devices capable of detecting such things as moisture of the soil, pollution levels, or pretty much whatever you Read more…


The Internet of Things (IOT)

The ‘Internet of Things’ is a term that is due to become more widely known during 2014. One application of the Internet of Things, or IOT, is smart vending machines. For example the machine would know when it had run out of mars bars. It would the automatically send this data Read more…