walkie talkie hire

spalding arts event provided with radio hire at last minute.

walkie talkie hire

walkie talkie hire

Imagine realising at the last minute that you did not have enough radios for your event, and needing radio hire at the last minute.

That’s what happened to a local arts organization that was organizing an event in Spalding.

We were phoned at 7 PM on a Thursday night, with a last-minute request to hire radio communications equipment.
The event was due to take place over the weekend, and the equipment was required to be delivered by 8:30 AM the next morning.
Fortunately, the event organisers had called Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire, and we worked late into the night to check, charge, and arrange the paperwork for the Friday morning delivery.

As promised, we delivered the radio hire equipment on time at the required location.

We aim to go the extra mile for our clients.

Do you have a last-minute requirement for walkie talkies (two-way handheld radios)?

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Helping Charity in Hull set up communications system

We are currently helping a Hull-based charity set up a hand-portable communications network in central Hull.

During our initial meeting with the charity coordinator, we explained the options and possible issues, such as a reduction in the strength of the signals due to the tall buildings.

Then we carried out a test that involved walking around the proposed coverage area with a Vertex-Standard VX231 hand-portable and communicating back to another hand-portable at the charity’s base location.

The range survey proved that a radio repeater, which is used to boost range, was not required. This means that the charity was able to get operational within their budget, and without compromising on equipment quality.

We are happy to be helping the charity in our small way.

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