PMR446 Licence free for European Union Businesses that move around


PMR446 EU wide radios

PMR 446

Does your business need to use short range two-way radio throughout the European Union, including the UK?

PMR 446 is a licence free standard offering licence free radio communication anywhere in the European Union.

This makes them perfect for business users that will be moving around a lot, and who require short range communications.

You don’t have to be moving around a lot of course, and these work great in shops and other retail premises, and being licence free, will save your business money.

There are of course some disadvantages to consider.

The RF power output is fixed at only 0.5 Watts, yes half a watt!

Licenced equipment from most manufacturers allows transmit power outputs of 4 or 5 Watts, depending on Manufacturer.

This does not mean that a 5 Watt radio will transmit 10 times as far, because 5 Watts is 10 times 0.5 Watts, but it will give it more ‘Punch’.

When I say ‘Punch’ I mean the transmitted signals ability to get through and around physical objects, such as doorways and trees.

pmr446 handheld radio

PMR analogue handheld radio lincoln and hull area dealers

Objects reduce, or ‘Attenuate’ the transmitted signal, so having a bit more ‘Punch’ can be beneficial.

However for short distance communication, licence free PMR446 radios are more flexible, as you do not need an OFCOM licence, which costs from £75.

PMR446 radios are also more flexible because the OFCOM licence needed for a licenced radio, only covers usage in the United Kingdom.

Take your licenced radio equipment to France for instance, and you need a French licence etc.

Therefore for business users that travel throughout EU, PMR446 is a good choice.

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