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The Things Network Lincoln

Things Network The Things Network is a worldwide crowdfunded and community operated Internet Of Things (IOT) Network. The network uses a narrowband radio technology called LoraWAN. The first Wireless Gateway device was built by the Lincoln Things Network Community, using components sponsored and supplied by Yesway Communications. Lincoln IOT Service Read more…


lincoln radio communication

Yesway  is a specialist in radio communication for modern business users. We are based in Lincoln and mainly cover Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire providing state-of-the-art radio communication services. For more information on how we can help you, why not use the contact tab at the side of the page.


lincolnshire radio communications

Yesway Digital Radio Communications is Lincolnshire based and proud of it.   We are also proud to offer the full range of two way radio services to our customers in Lincolnshire and beyond. Services include the ability to connect users by radio between wide geographic locations, using internet technologies in conjunction Read more…


Shop Watch in Lincoln

I was out and about in Lincoln City Centre today looking round the shops, and noticing that many of the shops in central Lincoln have Icom handheld walkie talkies behind the cash desks. This is part of the Lincoln shop watch scheme that enables shopkeepers to share information between themselves Read more…