Yesway Communications is based in the Cathedral City of Lincoln, in the east Midlands of the United Kingdom.

what is lora

The Things Network Lincoln

Things Network The Things Network is a worldwide crowdfunded and community operated Internet Of Things (IOT) Network. The network uses a narrowband radio technology called LoraWAN. The first Wireless Gateway device was built by the Lincoln Things Network Community, using components sponsored and supplied by Yesway Communications. Lincoln IOT Service The Lincoln Public IOT service …

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lincoln radio communication

Yesway  is a specialist in Lincoln radio communication for modern business users. We are based in Lincoln and mainly cover Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire providing state-of-the-art radio communication services. We recently (December 2020) provided Lincoln Cathedral with a new DMR Digital handheld two-way radio system. The system comprised of 18 Hytera BD505 digital radios, and …

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