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Lincoln Things Network LoraWAN IOT

What is it

The Things Network is a worldwide crowd funded LoraWAN

Internet Of Things Network, which started in Amsterdam.

It consists of sensors, such as air quality sensors that transmit data wirelessly via ‘Gateway’ devices to the Internet Cloud.

It is rapidly expanding around the world, including the UK.

Why do we need this network?

The world is undergoing rapid change in the world of work, and it has been predicted that many jobs will become automated in the coming years.

The Internet Of Things, or IOT for short, along with Virtual Reality & 3D Printing  is part of this new industrial revolution.

It is therefore vitally important that we educate the current and future generations quickly, so we don’t get left behind as a nation.

The Network helps educate people, and lets businesses cost effectively develop new IOT products.

Where Does The Lincoln Network Cover

The Network is based on a wireless technology called LoraWAN.

As with all wireless technologies LoraWAN, which the Network runs on is range limited.

One of the great features of LoraWAN technology is that the signal can travel a long distance, using low power.

However as with all wireless technologies, buildings and natural objects in ‘line of sight’, will reduce the signal range.

The Network uses devices called ‘Gateways’ to receive the signals transmitted wirelessly from the remote sensors and puts the data onto the web.

The Lincoln LoraWAN LPWA network is now live, and ready for use by business, schools and the public.

The network is expanding around the City of Lincoln, and we are always looking for new sites.

As the Network is essentially a voluntary community effort, we welcome help from schools and local businesses.

Please get involved, as any help is appreciated.

Who is behind the Lincoln things Network?

The Lincoln TTN was initiated by Craig Miles, who can be contacted via the community page at

Alternatively, he can be contacted via his personal website at

Yesway sponsored the components to build the first Lincoln LoraWAN Gateway.

Internet of Things | Two Way Radio Wireless Communications – Yesway Communications

what is lora

Things Network


Things Network Lincoln is a worldwide crowdfunded and community operated IOT

The network uses a narrowband radio technology called LoraWAN.

LoraWAN operates in the UK and EU on 868MHz frequency.

The 868MHz frequency is what is known as an ISM band.

ISM stands for Industrial, Scientific, Medical.

ISM bands are unlicensed bands, so can be used by anyone.

The first Wireless Gateway device was built by the Lincoln Things Network Community, using components sponsored and supplied by Yesway Communications.

Lincoln IOT Service

The Lincoln Public IOT service is now live, and can be used by local business and academia for education and research into new IOT connected products, that they may wish to develop.

Check out the local page for the Lincoln ‘Things Network’

or watch this video introduction:-

The Things Network from Soda Content on Vimeo.

Its a brilliant idea, and I think that this will really help businesses and the general public develop products using the Internet of Things that will improve this world for the better.

For enquiries about the Lincoln Things Network, contact me via the page link above, rather than through Yesway, which is not connected with the network. I just happen to work for Yesway, and are also personally the Things Network initiator for Lincoln.

The two are separate, and I am only putting the details on the yesway site to spread publicity to our social media subscribers, so that more people know about this great free idea.

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An Ofcom licence was then applied for, and the Hytera BD505 radios were programmed to the correct radio frequencies.

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