Lincoln LoraWAN IOT Things Network

What is it The Things Network is a worldwide crowd funded LoraWAN Internet Of Things Network, which started in Amsterdam. It consists of sensors, such as air quality sensors that transmit data wirelessly via ‘Gateway’ devices to the Internet Cloud. It is rapidly expanding around the world, including the UK. Why do we need this […]

The Things Network Lincoln

Things Network The Things Network is a worldwide crowdfunded and community operated Internet Of Things (IOT) Network. The network uses a narrowband radio technology called LoraWAN. The first Wireless Gateway device was built by the Lincoln Things Network Community, using components sponsored and supplied by Yesway Communications. Lincoln IOT Service The Lincoln Public IOT service […]

lincolnshire radio communications

Yesway Digital Radio Communications is Lincolnshire based and proud of it.   We are also proud to offer the full range of two way radio services to our customers in Lincolnshire and beyond. Services include the ability to connect users by radio between wide geographic locations, using internet technologies in conjunction with radio communication technology. This […]