M2M (Machine-To-Machine Communications

M2M (Machine-To-Machine) Communications

M2M is short for ‘Machine to Machine’ communications. It works in a similar way to mobile phone communications (Human to Human).

M2M transmits data in real-time between machines automatically, and without human intervention.

Data can be transmitted both wirelessly and by fixed wired methods.

Applications of these technologies include remote monitoring of water levels; smart road signs and remote machinery monitoring.

Wireless technologies are generally the preferred method of transmitting machine data, due to the flexibility of equipment location. Wireless technologies include low powered terrestrial radio transmitters, satellites, and the mobile phone networks.

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    photo of an entel dx handheld radio

    Gainsborough Two Way Radio Services

    Two Way Radio Services For Gainsborough

    Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire can provide full Gainsborough two way radio services, including voice communications, Industrial IOT & M2M integration, to businesses in Gainsborough.

    Our specialism is providing business users with robust wide area communications solutions, that can cover wide geographical areas of the UK, as well as locally in Gainsborough, and wider Lincolnshire.

    Whatever your business requirements for wide area or localised radio communications, we can provide the solutions you seek.

    Our solutions include the ability to create custom product solutions, to achieve exactly what you need.