Marine Electronics Directive

The Marine Electronics Directive (MED) is a set of regulations established by the European Union (EU) for marine electronics equipment.

The purpose of the MED is to ensure that marine electronic equipment used in EU waters meets certain minimum safety and performance standards, as well as to promote compatibility between different types of equipment.

The Marine Electronics directive applies to a wide range of equipment, including navigation equipment, communication equipment, and monitoring and control systems.

The MED requires that equipment must be CE-marked, indicating that it has been certified to meet the requirements of the directive, before it can be placed on the market in the EU.

The MED is enforced by national governments, who are responsible for ensuring that marine electronic equipment installed on vessels flying their flag meet the requirements of the directive.


What is GMDSS?

GMDSS stands for Global Maritime Distress and Safety System.

It is an internationally recognized system for ensuring the safety of life at sea.

GMDSS is covered by the Marine Electronics Directive, or MED.

Entel HT649, is a GMDSS radio, which we can supply from stock.

The Entel HT649 is a certified MED radio, and carries the wheelmark logo.

MED wheelmark logo

Entel HT649 Brochure Link

MED Fire Fighter

The industrial grade DTEx Marine Fire Fighter Series, is designed and approved to meet the latest MED standard implementation regulation MED/5.20, and European ATEX directive.

The ultra durable fire-red coloured DTEx Series sets the benchmark for next-generation MED compliant Firefighter radios.

Standard features include high visibility OLED display, high torque ergonomic controls designed for gloved-hand use, and industry-leading IP68 2m 4 hours submersible rating, to provide 100% reliability and usability even in the most extreme conditions.


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