Case Study – Hull FC Rugby stadium communications in noisy environments

When Hull FC Rugby club approached Yesway Communications’ with the need for noise cancelling technology to solve a problem, we were able to use our expertise in radio communications, to help them.

As you may well be aware, rugby games are pretty loud, and especially so for the referee on the side of the pitch, who needs to communicate with linesmen, and other match officials.

Communication between match officials, such as linesmen and the referee, is therefore difficult due to the noise from the fans, making audio hard to hear.

We arranged a meeting with Hull FC, at the famous KC Stadium in Hull, and went onto the pitch side to understand what the issues were.

We also examined the clubs existing communications system, including Ofcom licence.

This allowed us to seamlessly integrate the new radio equipment, with existing units.

The solution we provided was to Vertex-Standard radios, and Peltor noise cancelling headphones, which also incorporate a microphone.

The customer was delighted with the new radios, which worked as needed.

This now allows the Hull FC referee to hear communications from other radio users in the KC Stadium, and when at away games.

This Hull FC case study example is indicative of the services we offer to sports stadiums.

Each client is unique, and we don’t just sell you ‘boxes’.

We come to your sports ground, and carry out a full range survey.

A range survey ensures that there are no communications ‘black spots’.

Modern two-way radio systems can be software tailored, to enable advanced features, such as ‘man down‘, and ‘loan worker’.