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The non technical offshore renewables Industry Managers guide.

Radio Communications 101 – The non technical offshore renewables Industry Managers guide. Radio communications can help improve business efficiency and safety, whether shore-side, or at sea. Radio waves travel differently depending on frequency, but most portable systems (hand held walkie-talkies etc) have line of sight transmission characteristics. You will come across VHF & UHF systems. …

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handheld walkie talkie

Schools radio audit

Radio communications is often used by schools to communicate between the office and the playground, but does it need a free audit ? Many systems in use can be easily eavesdropped on by strangers, which has possible safeguarding issues. We are offering schools a free onsite audit of their two-way radio equipment. To register email:   …

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Safeguarding Danger

Safeguarding Danger of Schools Radio Communications Activity, by Craig Miles, P.G.C.E Radio communications enable school staff to communicate using devices such as walkie-talkies, however wrong equipment choice can result in breaches of data protection & safeguarding. Due to the introduction in the last few years of the licence free radio system, known as ‘PMR 446’ …

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starting a taxi business

Reduce communications costs and gain advantage over rival taxi companies when starting a taxi business, by choosing a complete communications package from Yesway. We had a recent enquiry from a taxi business that started six months ago, and was spending £300 a month on mobile phone calls. Yesway provides solutions that save you money on …

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