Entel HX482 UHF Analogue Radio

Case Study BBC Production Company

UHF Analogue handheld

We were contacted by a BBC production company based at the BBC building in Hull, Yorkshire, who were making a film out in the Yorkshire countryside for the BBC.

Unfortunately due to the tight timescales, a pre-event site range test survey was not possible.

After discussing the  Yorkshire filming location and geographical terrain, we confirmed this visually, using satellite terrain images, to ensure that the correct radio equipment was supplied.

Our recommendation was VHF frequencies, as this gives maximum coverage over open countryside.

We then arranged with the BBC production company, for the equipment to be delivered on time as agreed with the client, and collected at a time that suited them.

Their feedback was positive, and they were able to achieve their objectives of producing an outdoor location-based film for the BBC in Yorkshire.

If you run a production company and would like to ensure your film production runs smoothly, then get in touch.

We recommend that we come and carry out a site survey, prior to the commencement of filming.

This is because the material composition of buildings, and other man-made and natural obstacles, can reduce, or even prevent communications.

For example, buildings made predominantly from metal, can block radio signals from getting past.

I the production company mentioned in this blog post, was also filming inside such metal structures, then we would probably use UHF equipment instead.

Every client’s needs are different, and we have a number of technical solutions at our disposal, to solve all communications problems.

Organising an Event Using Radio Communications

secondhand radio equipment

Reliable radio hire

Do you want reliable radio hire ?

Of course you do, which is why we no longer hire out the aging Maxon SL55 handheld radios.

Whilst these are sturdy reliable units, handheld radio equipment tends to get a hard life, with 5 years being typically the maximum age for hire equipment from reputable suppliers.

As hire communications can be critical in emergency situations, we believe in offering you the best equipment.

Fear not though, we have lots of lovely modern radios for you to hire.

two way radio hire for taxi

Yesway  offer taxi companies all over the Uk easy to install and operate mobile two way radio packages including unlimited calls from £40 a month (Minimum 12 month contract).

For this price you get two mobile taxi radios (one base & one mobile), two aerials (antennas), and unlimited airtime calls through our local wide area repeater system.

This system probably offers greater coverage than a conventional  system, and is great for  private hire firms who don’t want the uncertainty of equipment breakdown.

This is an ‘out of the box’ solution that startup taxi firms can particularly benefit from, though existing firms can run our system alongside their existing radio equipment.

Additional radios can be added for £20 each per month, as your business expands.

We can also offer additional options, such as taxi dispatch systems that always let you know where you taxis are, on screen, so that you can dispatch the nearest car to the customer without having to constantly find out where they are.

Call: 01522 740818

hire radios

Kenwood walkie talkie repair video

Radio Hire-Sheffield

Radio hire available for long and short term hire in Sheffield from Yesway Communications from £10 + VAT per radio per week.

You are not just hiring ‘boxes’ like some suppliers do, but are getting the experience of our engineers with experience dating back to the late 1980’s.

Any question just ask. There are no silly questions, as we as human beings can’t individually know everything there is to know about everything in the world.

Sheffield and South Yorkshire are on our doorstep so we can come to see you if required.

Radio Hire Use Cases

How to Effectively control your Stewards During an Event

Stewards play a crucial role during any event.  Crowd control and safety being one of their critically important roles.

If an emergency situation was to occur, for example with a member of the public becoming ill of injured, time is of the essence.

Two way radio systems can be configured in number of ways to help stewards and event organisers effectively cope with emergency incidents.

For example, a button on the radio can be assigned so that when it is pressed an alarm alert is raised with the event controller, or other stewards.

Radios incorporating GPS technology can help other staff members track and locate a particular stewards location. This is an important feature, as it allows medical assistance to quickly be directed to the correct location, saving valuable time.

Another benefit of GPS technology for the stewards and management, is that the stewards may have been subcontracted from an external contractor, and therefore not be familiar with the layout of the event location. Therefore the GPS tracking technology eliminates the risk of potential confusion and uncertainty, as to exact location, when explaining where the incident has taken place.

For stewards that are working in remote locations within the site, a ‘Man Down’ solution may be appropriate. This solution prompts the radio user to press a button on the radio at a specific set time interval.

If the button is not pressed when prompted, then an alert alarm is sent back to the system controller. This system helps ensure that all stewards are ok, and if not, help can be sent out.

There area a range of options that can be configured into a radio system to help stewards with their duties, and we are more than happy to help you achieve the best possible system for your events particular circumstances.