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Radio Repeater

Businesses who are dissatisfied with the range of their current two way radio system can take adavantage of the uk wide radio coverage available using our radio repeaters.

In conjunction with our business partners we can provide a system that is capable of covering most parts of the uk, like a mobile phone but without the nasty unexpected bills.

Get in touch, and we will show you how you can improve the way YOU get in touch with your staff.

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What is a Radio Repeater

A radio repeater is basically a radio receiver, and a radio transmitter in one unit.

The receiver part receives a radio signal from a walkie talkie or mobile two way radio on one frequency,  and then re-broadcasts it out again on another frequency.

The point of a Radio Repeater system is to increase the broadcast range.  For example a handheld walkie talkie may only have a range of a few miles, and is fairly line of sight.

With a repeater the fairly weak signal from a handheld walkie talkie (5 watts on VHF for professional equipment) is re-transmitted at maybe 25 watts of  RF power. Thus the signal can be heard further away.

Repeaters are also useful when there are hills in between two radios wishing to communicate, as is the case at the relatively high frequencies that private business radios operate on. As the signals are mainly line of sight, a repeater located on top of the hill can receive the signal from one radio, and re-transmit it, which can be received by the radio on the other side of the hill.