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Tools for the job

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Tools for the job – a buying guide

Some businesses are tempted to save money on their two -way radio equipment.

Whilst this is understandable, it can be a false economy in the longer term.

In  mission critical environments, such as the marine or offshore industry for instance, cheap radio equipment can fail quicker.

The reason I say this, based on experience, is that cheaper equipment generally has a lower IP (Ingress Protection) rating.

Ingress protection basically refers to the radios ability to keep dust particles and water out.

In a damp marine environment for instance, you have high levels of moisture, and a salty atmosphere (on coast & sea).

A cheap radio will soon start to suffer from the corrosive and damp atmosphere, ‘attacking’ the internal circuit board.

This results in premature radio failure.

How to buy a good marine radio

You should look out for a high IP rating, such as IP67 or IP68.

Such IP ratings mean that the radio can be dropped in shallow water, with no i’ll effects on performance, or operation of the radio.

Which radio?

A good marine radio, such as the UK designed Entel HT series, has an IP rating up to IP68.

For ‘shore-side’ industries, Hytera or Motorola are  rock solid recommendations.






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Ensuring safeguarding when using radio communications in schools

motorola dp1000 series

Radio communications offers schools an essential safety tool, providing instant communication in emergency situations.

However many schools do not seem to offer their staff proper training in its use. I have heard a local primary school near me giving out detailed child descriptions, including name and location in the school grounds. This is a potential safeguarding issue.

They have been sold handheld radio equipment by a radio company, more concerned with their bottom line, than safeguarding compliance.

As a head teacher, you need to ask yourself, can others ‘eavesdrop’ on my school communications.

Many professional handheld radio solutions that schools use, are not secure communications, and can easily been listened to.  Are your communications secure?

There are also legal implications to be considered, apart from safeguarding, including the ‘Wireless & Telegraphy’ acts which apply to your staff.

We offer onsite training & equipment reviews to help your School.

(c) Craig Miles 2014

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Improve business efficiency with radio

Businesses can improve their efficiency by using radio communications, including walkie talkies and longer distance solutions, such as national trunked systems.

In the factory environment workers in noisy & hazardous environments can benefit from noise cancelling headsets connected to voice operated walkie talkies. This allows them to be contacted by management, without having to enter the hazardous environment themselves. This not only is safer, but also time saving.

The time savings of radio can be used factory or office wide, allowing instant communication with colleagues, with no call costs, or time to walk to them or them to your office.


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