A Good Digital Radio for your Schools Data Protection – Hytera Radios

As qualified teachers ourselves, we understand the importance of Safeguarding your students when In Loco Parentis. In addition to Safeguarding concerns, Data Protection should be paramount for your school, college or other academic institution. Many of the radios being used in schools and colleges today are risking confidentiality by not […]

Free audit of Lincolnshire & East Yorkshire Schools radio equipment call security

Radio communications is often used by schools to communicate between the office and the playground. Many systems in use can be easily eavesdropped on by strangers, which has possible safeguarding issues. We are offering schools a free onsite audit of their two-way radio equipment during July 2014. To register email:     schools […]

Ensuring safeguarding when using radio communications in schools

Radio communications offers schools an essential safety tool, providing instant communication in emergency situations. However many schools do not seem to offer their staff proper training in its use. I have heard a local primary school near me giving out detailed child descriptions, including name and location in the school […]

Safeguarding Danger of Schools Radio Communications Activity

Safeguarding Danger of Schools Radio Communications Activity, by Craig Miles, P.G.C.E   Radio communications enable school staff to communicate using devices such as walkie-talkies, however wrong equipment choice can result in breaches of data protection & safeguarding. Due to the introduction in the last few years of the licence free […]