Should I buy secondhand radio equipment

We often are contacted by people who have, or are considering buying secondhand radio equipment from auction, and other websites. They often want us to reprogram the equipment, which we can do for £20 + VAT per unit.

According to the UK distributor of two-way radio equipment, they recommend that the reliable lifespan of handheld radio equipment, is between three and five years.

Whilst secondhand equipment might fine for non safety critical applications, in other words if no ones life could potentially be impacted by equipment failure, we recommend new equipment for peace of mind.

For example if you run a security firm, then you are potentially putting your employees well being at risk, if the radios fail at a critical time.

Are you as an employer prepared to take that risk?

If not then we can supply brand good new equipment from £130 per handheld radio. Your choice of course!

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