Wireless Smart Cities

Things that the Internet of Things can measure around futureĀ  ‘Wireless Smart Cities’ using low power wireless sensors:- Waste Management Wireless Smart Roads Smart Parking, ensuring best use of limited space. Structural Health, such as changes in length of bridge wires on a suspension bridge. Mapping Urban Noise pollution. This affects human quality of life, …

Retrofitting the Internet of Things to Industry

Things to Consider When Retrofitting the Internet of Things to Existing Industrial Equipment

The Internet of Things or IoT for short is already known to the public through innovative products, such as body-worn fitness monitors, that record and upload data to the internet.

In the industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, new systems are being developed to replace existing infrastructure, to improve efficiency.

However, what about perfectly good existing equipment that you, as a business, do not want to replace. The answer is to retrofit equipment, to make it ‘Smart’.

It is convenient to break down the IOT process in terms of:-


Therefore retrofitting the Internet of Things….tb continued

This is the first of our videos on retrofitting the Internet of Things to existing industries, such as factories, agriculture and cities.

Internet of Things
Retrofitting the Internet of Things to Industry
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Things Network

LoraWAN IOT Things Network Lincoln is a worldwide crowdfunded and community operated IOT The network uses a narrowband radio technology called LoraWAN. LoraWAN operates in the UK and EU on 868MHz frequency. The 868MHz frequency is what is known as an ISM band. ISM stands for Industrial, Scientific, Medical. ISM bands are unlicensed bands, so …