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Walkie Talkie Snowboarding Radios

Following the recent brilliant success of Jenny Jones in the Sochi Winter Olympics, we thought we would update our page of walkie-talkies for snowboarding, which we put up three years ago.

One thing that radio waves don’t like is obstacles, such as hills. This means that unless you use  a hilltop repeater to boost the signal to the other side, communications will be line of sight.

For the snowboarder, you are probably looking for something light and compact, that does not need a licence.

The pan European standard, known as PMR 446 is ideal. Radios that comply with the PMR 446 standard are cheaply available from around £25 for a basic Motorola, such as the TLKR4.

PMR 446 radios can be used in all EU countries, and are great for short range communications, for instance from the bottom of a slope to the top.