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Entel DX400 Series

We can quickly be on your yacht in Antibes, to give you the best in two way radio service. We strive to be the first choice for Antibes Superyacht radios.

Whether you need advice on the best digital walkie talkie for your Stews, or a more durable and higher IP rated two way radio for your Deckhands, are your ideal partner delivering for you in Antibes.

Quick Advice for Antibes Superyacht Radio Owners

For deck activities on an Antibes Superyacht,  a radio with a high ‘Ingress Protection’ rating is what we would recommend,

Ingress Protection, or ‘IP Rating’ means how much the radio will resist dust particles and water, entering the radio.

The salty atmosphere on deck, will shorten the reliability and ultimate lifespan of the radio, if the IP rating is too low.

A radio like the Entel DX series is a great choice for deckhands. It is an IP68 rated digital radio, so will survive being dropped in shallow water for a while.

For ‘Stews’ a small discreet, and easy to use radio is what we would recommend, such as the Hytera PD355

About Yesway the Antibes Superyacht Radio Supplier

We are able to supply all the two-way radio needs of Superyacht owners based in Antibes, and the wider French Riviera.

Our director is a former lecturer at South Shields Marine School, whose first job aged 17 (he’s now 48), was building and testing yacht power supply systems.

He moved to the radio communications industry as a repair & installation engineer, aged 19.

Our company’s skillset therefore is unrivalled in the Marine radio communications industry, as we have both experience of training ETOs, and working on marine systems.

And also both vocational and degree level qualifications in terrestrial and satellite communications.

We even have the MCA AEC (approved engine course) qualification.

Which Superyacht Radio?

There are many ‘tier 1’ manufacturers in the two-way radio industry to chose from.

Therefore it is fantastic when you find a capable company to advise you.

Our Recommendations for Superyachts are Motorola, Entel and Hytera.

These three manufacturers of two-way radio equipment offer everything a Super yacht user could need.

For example, the Entel DN series handheld radio offers industry leading IP68 level protection against water and particle ingress.

Having a high IP rating is important for use in an outdoor marine environment, and would be ideal for use by Deckhands or support vessels.

On the other hand, a Stewardess and other ‘front of house’ crew, needs a very discrete device.

For this we recommend a couple of the digital Hytera models, that offer discrete communications, and look stylish.

We are also able to offer specific engineering solutions including alarm and system monitoring that sends messages and alerts to a handheld two way radio.

Radio Training Service

We offer a radio use training service, for your staff.

This covers correct and effective use of radio communications equipment, and can be tailored to your crews requirements.

We also offer one-to-one technology training services, to Superyacht owners.


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Entel Radios

Entel Intrinsically Safe Radios which fulfill the new Solas Firefighting regulatory requirements.

Hytera Digital

High quality Hytera Digital communications for your Superyacht Crew.

Why Yesway

Years of experience in radio and electrical systems, including the founder being an ex lecturer at the world renowned South Shields Marine School. This knowledge and experience makes us a reliable two way radio supplier of Antibes Superyacht Radios.

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