Superyacht ATEX

Superyacht ATEX equipment, is designed to prevent explosions.

Superyachts and other Marine vessels, are at potential risk of explosion.

Explosions are caused by electrical sparks being produced by equipment, being used in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

An example of a potentially explosive environment, is a ships battery room.

In a battery room, potentially explosive gases are released by the emergency batteries, which charging.

The batteries are there to power key marine system, such as navigation, steering and communications, in the event of main system failure.

Other potential explosion risk areas, include fuel tanks.

Whilst its true that most Superyachts currently use diesel power as the Prime Mover , there are potentially other fuels onboard.

We can help ensure that your superyacht is using the correct radio equipment, in the correct environment, for maximum safety.

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Craig first worked in marine electronics aged 17, and has taught ATEX systems to trainee Marine Cadets & ETO’s, at South Shields Marine School.