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Tamworth Manufacturer case study

Tamworth manufacturing business approached Yesway, seeking to improve their factory communications system.

The Tamworth factory already had an aging analogue license free PMR446 radio system, but there were coverage issues.

Yesway travelled to the clients Tamworth site, and carried out a full equipment inspection, and comprehensive site radio range coverage survey.

The clients manufacturing premises are spread across two separate sites, with a road between them.

This combined with the fact that the buildings were largely metal structures (which radio waves don’t like), presented am exciting challenge for our Yesway communication experts.

Of course being Yesway, we were up for the challenge, and tested a couple solutions, until we succeeded in providing full radio coverage across the sites.

Our solution involved using the latest  DMR digital radios from Entel. 

Unlike many handheld two way radio manufacturers antennas, the Entel antennas need to be cut to the resonant frequency.

This ensures that the maximum signal power is leaving the antenna.

Using radios with antennas cut to the resonant frequency, allowed us to achieve full site coverage, without the need of an expensive additional repeater.

We improved safety and production efficiency for the client, and the client is delighted.