TETRA Superyacht Radio Communications

TETRA is increasingly popular for superyacht radio communications.

Tetra is a digital trunked radio system widely used by emergency services around the world, and is security focussed.

The word TETRA is short for Trans European Trunked Radio.


TETRA provides superyacht crew and owners, with instant voice and data communications.

Communications are secure and reliable, which has two primary benefits.


Crew are able to instantly communicate around the superyacht, and even to distant tenders.

Instant secure communications can be used by Stews for coordinating guest requests.

Engineers can communicate between engine room and other areas fo the yacht.

Owners & Guests

Owners and guests are able to make requests.

This could be done either directly using the radio, or more likely via a service call button, linked to the radio system.


Tetra is a trunked type of radio system.

Trunked systems do not allocate users to a particular channel or frequency.

When a radio transmits, the system allocates a channel for communication to take place.

Therefore the sender of the transmission, and the receiver of the transmission, are allocated a channel for that conversation.


The advantage of allocating users to a channel each time, is channel efficiency.