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Technology Training by Experienced Marine Engineering Trainer


Yesway Education.

We can offer your organisation experienced trainers, specialising in Marine engineering systems.

Our professional skillset encompasses marine electrical installation, fault finding, and servicing.

Our trainer is formally a lecturer of South Shields Marine School, where he taught practical workshop and theoretical classroom courses.

Highly experienced in working with international marine engineers, and trainees.

Of course our trainer is also highly experienced in radio communications systems, having earned a degree in the subject, and starting in the industry in 1990.

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Ensuring safeguarding when using radio communications in schools

motorola dp1000 series

Radio communications offers schools an essential safety tool, providing instant communication in emergency situations.

However many schools do not seem to offer their staff proper training in its use. I have heard a local primary school near me giving out detailed child descriptions, including name and location in the school grounds. This is a potential safeguarding issue.

They have been sold handheld radio equipment by a radio company, more concerned with their bottom line, than safeguarding compliance.

As a head teacher, you need to ask yourself, can others ‘eavesdrop’ on my school communications.

Many professional handheld radio solutions that schools use, are not secure communications, and can easily been listened to.  Are your communications secure?

There are also legal implications to be considered, apart from safeguarding, including the ‘Wireless & Telegraphy’ acts which apply to your staff.

We offer onsite training & equipment reviews to help your School.

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