History of Two Way Radio

History of Two Way Radio Radio communications systems started to appear in the late 19th Century, with pioneers like Marconi sending signals across the Atlantic by morse code. Soon such systems were being rapidly adopted by both government and industry, as an alternative to the existing ‘Wired’ telegraph systems. Radio offered advantages over the Telegraph […]

Entel Marine Radios

The Dependable and Rugged Entel Marine Radios of Analogue and digital Two Way Radios are established winners in the Marine Industry, and also produce durable handheld radios for dry land too! As Authorised Dealers for Entel range, the British designed radio range, we would like to offer businesses in Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire an on-site […]

Gainsborough Two Way Radio Services

Two Way Radio Services For Gainsborough Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire can provide full Gainsborough two way radio services, including voice communications, Industrial IOT & M2M integration, to businesses in Gainsborough. Our specialism is providing business users with robust wide area communications solutions, that can cover wide geographical areas of the UK, as well as locally […]

Why mobile phones can be an expensive business communication solution

A number of years ago when I worked for a Worcestershire based two way radio company, mobile phones were starting to seem a viable alternative to two way radio for large organisations such as councils. Indeed some council departments and private companies replaced their free to call, two way radios with mobile phones, believing that […]