Tip for cleaning charger connections that cause charger faults

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Tip for cleaning charger connections

A customer in Hull was having problems with his six-way multi charger, and told us it was dodgy.

The issue was not a fault with the charger, but due to the contacts on both the battery and the charger battery contacts, becoming dirty.

BL1807-Ex battery

Over time the copper contacts on both the battery and the charger, which need to be clean, become dirty.


This is particularly an issue in harsh industrial environments, and can be a cause of the radio charger appearing to have a fault, when the radio is placed into it to charge.

A tip is to regularly clean both the copper contacts at the base of the rechargeable battery (on the back of the radio), and also lightly clean the spring contacts on the charger.

Ensure that the charger is switched off and disconnecd from the mains power supply.

Then using a soft pencil eraser (rubber), gently rub the copper contacts to clean them.

This will help make electrical contact between the charger and the radio battery.