Yesway offer a range of standard and bespoke training courses which provide different levels of instruction to suit the specific requirements and needs of you and your organisation.

Our courses are expertly designed and delivered by skilled, experienced and dedicated people; locally, nationally and internationally. Click on the course subject titles below to find out more:

Radio Communications

Satellite and Terrestrial Communications Masterclass

Terrestrial Communications for Business Managers

Satellite Communications Technologies

Superyacht Radio Communications Technologies

Marine Wireless Communications Technology

Tetra Wireless Standard

Digital and Analogue Business Terrestrial radio technologies, for technicians.

Internet of Things (IOT) Wireless technologies and practical application usage, for technicians.

IOT (Internet of Things) technologies for managers, and corporate decision makers.

Bluetooth wireless standard.

Zigbee Wireless standard, and its practical uses.

Mobile telecommunications equipment installation, with a focus on two-way-radio.

Introduction to Free Space Optical Communication.

Fibre Optics installation, and connection.

Electrical Installation and Maintenance Training

Marine Electrical Installation (Ships)

Marine (Ships) Electrical Maintenance (Yachts)

Marine (Yachts) Electrical Maintenance

Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation and Control Systems

Introduction to Robotics Systems used in Manufacturing

PLC – Programmable Logic Controllers

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