Course Title: Understanding Electromagnetic Waves

Course Overview: This short online instructor-led training course provides an introduction to the properties of electromagnetic waves, covering the fundamental principles that govern their behavior and applications.

Participants will learn about the characteristics of electromagnetic waves, their interaction with matter, and practical implications across various fields.

Through interactive sessions and demonstrations, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how electromagnetic waves propagate and influence the world around us.

Course Duration: 1 day (4 sessions)

Session 1: Introduction to Electromagnetic Waves

  • Overview of the electromagnetic spectrum
  • Relationship between electricity and magnetism
  • Maxwell’s equations and the theory of electromagnetism
  • Wave-particle duality of electromagnetic radiation

Session 2: Properties of Electromagnetic Waves

  • Wavelength, frequency, and amplitude
  • Speed of light and its significance
  • Polarization of electromagnetic waves
  • The direction of propagation and wavefronts

Session 3: Interaction of Electromagnetic Waves with Matter

  • Absorption, reflection, and transmission of electromagnetic waves
  • Refraction and dispersion phenomena
  • Material properties affecting electromagnetic wave behavior (conductivity, permeability, permittivity)

Session 4: Applications of Electromagnetic Waves

  • Communication systems (radio, television, cellular)
  • Remote sensing and imaging (radar, lidar)
  • Medical applications (MRI, X-ray, microwave therapy)
  • Industrial and scientific uses (spectroscopy, material characterization)

Course Format:

  • Each session consists of a lecture followed by interactive discussions and demonstrations.
  • Real-world examples and case studies will be used to illustrate key concepts.
  • Hands-on activities may be included to reinforce learning and encourage participation.

Course Materials:

  • Lecture slides and handouts will be provided to participants for reference.
  • Additional resources and recommended readings will be suggested for further exploration.


  • Participation in discussions and activities throughout the course.
  • Completion of a brief quiz at the end of the day to assess comprehension of key concepts covered.


  • A knowledgeable instructor with expertise in electromagnetics or related fields will lead the course, providing engaging explanations and answering participant questions.

Note: This one-day course is designed to provide a concise overview of the properties of electromagnetic waves, suitable for individuals seeking a foundational understanding of this topic. Participants may choose to pursue more in-depth studies or specialized courses based on their interests and career aspirations.