Web Marketing for Engineering Companies

Web Marketing for Engineering Companies

Why would you want to choose a marketing company that specialises in generating enquiries and sales for engineering businesses?

The answer lies in the fact that we have actual experience of working in engineering, which most online marketing companies do not.

This allows us to really understand what your engineering business does, and target potential customers, speaking a ‘language’ that your potential customers understand.

We were once asked to design and build a website for a local florist (now retired). Normally we would say no, however it was for a relative, so we went ahead.

Although the website was completed and bought in measurable business for the client, we are the first to admit that our knowledge of the different types of flowers, and their suitability for occasions (weddings, funerals etc) was limited.

Of course, using our growth mindset attitude, we were able to acquire the knowledge needed, but time is money of course.

A better way, is for us to focus our multi-skilled engineering skill-set on helping other engineers and their engineering businesses to generate more enquiries and sales.

We can help you identify important factors, such as:-

  1. Who is your target customer. Obviously everyone, you might say, however we would tactfully say you are wrong.

This is because we have realised from experience, of running our own real online businesses, that there are the ‘wrong type’ of customers.