what is facilities management

What is a facilities management

Facilities Management

According to the IBM website, ‘facilities management encompases a range of disciplines and services to ensure the functionality, comfort, safety and efficiency of a built environment

The built environment includes buildings, grounds and infrastructure.

Facilities management covers the following areas:

Operations and maintenance

Communications management

Emergency management and business continuity

Environment stewardship and sustainability


Human factors and ergonomics

Project management

Real estate and property management.

Facilities management consists of two basic areas, known as Hard and soft facilities management respectively.

Hard Facilities Management (Hard FM)

Hard facilities management covers management of physical assets (not people), that you can see and touch.

Examples of things covered under Hard Facilities Management are:

Plumbing and pipework

Building heating

Cooling systems, such as air-conditioning, and specialist refrigeration systems.

Lifts and Elevators

Soft Facilities-Management (Soft FM).

The focus of Soft Facilities Management is the tasks performed by people.

Examples of Soft Facilities Management areas covered include:



Grounds Keeping

Cleaning and Housekeeping.

Facilities management also refers to the systems and software used in carrying out the facilities management function.

An example of such systems and software used in facilities management is ‘IOT’.

IOT is an abbreviation of the ‘Internet Of Things’, which uses sensors to monitor and manage the built environment.

The sensors collect and feed back data, via the Internet, or localised system, so that system monitoring and analytics can be carried out.

The data can be fed into an organisations Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS), and used to help facility managers to perform predictive maintenance.

Improving facilities management efficiency

Facilities management efficiency can be improved through the use of IOT, management software, and radio communications.

Radio communications systems, such as DMR digital & POC voice communication, allow you to contact your employees instantly anywhere.

With modern two-way radio communication equipment, both safety and operational efficiency improvement are achievable.

Safety features such as ‘Man Down’ allow facilities managers to monitor their employees welfare.