What is MED Wheelmark

The MED Wheelmark, also known as the Marine Equipment Directive (MED) Wheelmark, is a symbol that indicates compliance with the requirements of the European Marine Equipment Directive (2014/90/EU). The MED is a regulatory framework established by the European Union (EU) to ensure the safety, performance, and quality of marine equipment used on ships navigating in EU waters. The Wheelmark is a visual representation that a product meets the relevant standards and has undergone the necessary conformity assessment procedures.

Key Aspects of the MED Wheelmark:

  1. Conformity Assessment: Products covered by the MED must undergo a conformity assessment process to demonstrate their compliance with the applicable requirements. This process includes evaluation, testing, and documentation to verify that the equipment meets the specified safety and performance standards.
  2. Authorized Bodies: The conformity assessment is often performed by authorized bodies known as Notified Bodies, which are accredited by EU member states. Notified Bodies are independent organizations responsible for assessing the compliance of products with relevant EU directives.
  3. Issuance of the Wheelmark: Once a product successfully completes the conformity assessment process and meets the required standards, the manufacturer is granted the right to affix the MED Wheelmark to the product. The Wheelmark serves as evidence that the equipment is in compliance with the MED.
  4. Products Covered: The MED covers a wide range of marine equipment, including life-saving appliances, fire protection equipment, navigation and communication equipment, propulsion machinery, and more. The directive aims to enhance the safety of ships and crew members while preventing marine pollution.
  5. Use and Recognition: The MED Wheelmark is recognized within the EU and by countries that have mutual recognition agreements with the EU. It allows manufacturers to demonstrate the conformity of their products to relevant authorities and potential customers.
  6. Ongoing Compliance: Manufacturers are required to maintain ongoing compliance with the MED and ensure that their products continue to meet the specified standards. Regular audits and surveillance by Notified Bodies may be conducted to verify ongoing conformity.
  7. Traceability: The Wheelmark provides a clear indication to ship operators, port authorities, and other stakeholders that the equipment has met the necessary safety and quality standards. It contributes to traceability and accountability in the maritime industry.

It’s important to note that the MED Wheelmark is specific to marine equipment and is distinct from other product markings or certifications used in other industries. The presence of the Wheelmark on marine equipment provides assurance to users and regulators that the product conforms to established safety and performance criteria, promoting the overall safety and integrity of ships operating within EU waters.