What is Pocsag

Pocsag is short for Post Office Standardisation Advisory Group and is a pager technology.

Pagers for those of you that don’t know, are traditionally one-way communication devices, for receiving alerts or short text messages.

Whilst mobile (cell) phones have made pagers a lot less popular, they are still used.

Typical current users are hospitals, security alarm systems, and fire services.

The advantage of using a Pocsag pager rather than a mobile phone is signal coverage.

Pagers use a series of high powered transmitters to transmit the radio signals, which carry the message data.

These high powered transmitters have a wide coverage area, and can often reach areas not served by reliable mobile phone coverage.

The disadvantages however are information security.

Information can easily be intercepted by using relatively cheap equipment, and free decoding software, available online.

Despite this lack of information security, Pocsag based pagers are still being used by organisations such as the NHS (National Health Service, in the UK).

Written by Craig Miles