Yesway Communications direct satellite to wifi router device.

Our direct satellite to WIFI router device was invented, as a spin off idea, which developed as part of preparations for a TEDx talk.

The idea was created by Craig Miles.

In 2023 there are an estimated 2.6 Billion people living on our shared planet, without access to the Internet.

That’s roughly one third of the world population.

This affects peoples life chances, through less access to opportunities.

Opportunities that we take for granted.

The satellite to WIFI unit, works by directly receiving satellite Internet, and allowing WIFI compatible devices to connect to it.

The device has many advantages.

No separate satellite ground terminal required.

Rechargeable via integrated sustainable solar power, and therefore very low maintenance / no maintenance for years.

Option to use recycled Smartphones, as part of the device electronics, therefore being more sustainable.

We have created a dedicated URL / Page here.