Hytera Psuedo Trunking

Traditional radio trunking systems use a digital control channel to allocate users a free communications channel when they wish to talk. It lets the other users in the ‘group’ know which channel they (the radios) are using. This system is more efficient than conventional two-way radio communication, and allows more […]

repeater base

radio dealers


Yesway Communications provide two-way-radio communications services to the London area. Our Fleetcomm handheld walkie talkie network, along with our wider south east england communications radio repeater network, provide reliable long distance communications solutions for a low fixed monthly fee. Hire or buy equipment, and receive personal advice and solutions from a ‘national local […]

Birmingham Two Way Radio

Birmingham and the West Midlands M5 corridor is set to gain even better wide area two way radio coverage, due to new radio communications repeaters being installed very soon. The system which already covers Birmingham, will be further improved to cover much of the west midlands and M5. We are […]

trunked radio repeaters

Trunked radio repeaters offer the user wide area communications for their business as well as an effiecient use of the radio spectrum. Trunked radio repeaters use digital signalling to allocate a free frequency channel to the radio wishing to transmit. This allows for many users to share a trunked repeater. […]