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Hytera Psuedo Trunking

Traditional radio trunking systems use a digital control channel to allocate users a free communications channel when they wish to talk. It lets the other users in the ‘group’ know which channel they (the radios) are using. This system is more efficient than conventional two-way radio communication, and allows more groups of users to share a …

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entel dx482 front view photo

Two-way Radio for Farms

For Agriculture Farmers are increasingly choosing to use two-way radio for farms, instead of mobile phones for a number of reasons: 1)   Higher reliability than mobile phones in sparse rural areas  due to poor phone coverage. 2) More rugged design of two-way radio handsets. Models from Hytera  & Tait for example can survive being dropped …

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photo of an entel dx handheld radio


Yesway Communications provide two-way-radio communications services to the London area. Our latest wide area radios provide handheld walkie talkie network coverage, and provide reliable long distance london communications solutions for a low fixed monthly fee. Hire or buy equipment, and receive personal advice and solutions from a ‘national local business’. We have system solutions that …

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Security Radio Programming

We can supply and program your new security radios onto your Ofcom frequency from £15 per radio, and offer security radio programming We specialise in Motorola, Vertex-Standard, Icom & Kenwood two way radio equipment.

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lincolnshire two way radio

The two-Way Radio Dealers in Lincolnshire We are based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire and provide a comprehensive range of two way radio services throughout the county and beyond. The business started as a part time ‘Sole Trader’ business back in November 2010, and has steadily expanded since. Today we are limited and VAT registered, and able …

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220 mhz transceivers

Yesway Communications are pleased to announce the forthcoming arrival of a range 220 mhz transceivers & equipment for the USA, Canadian & other ITU Region 2 countries. If you are a dealer from the United States, Canada, Brazil etc then get in touch for more details of these Ham radio mobiles, repeaters, cavities etc. service[at]