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Antibes Superyacht Radios

Yesway is capable of supplying two-way radio communications services to antibes yacht owners. The founder of Yesway formally lectured at South Shields Marine School, and has years of experience in both radio marine electrical


Yesway Updated Privacy Policy Email / Letter

Dear Customer, or previous enquiree, Your trust is important to us. To help explain the choices and control you have when it comes to your data, Yesway Ltd (t/a: Yesway Communications) is announcing some changes to our Privacy Policy. These …



Have a question? 01522 740818 6Lowpan What is 6lowpan? The name 6LoWPAN comes from an acronym consisting of a combination of the  IPv6 Internet Protocol and also Low-power Wireless Personal Area Networks (LoWPAN).  6lowpan is designed to allow the Internet …



What is MQTT Used For in IOT? MQTT is short for MQ Telemetry Transport, and is a messaging protocol used in the Internet Of Things (IOT) systems. It is  very simple and lightweight messaging protocol, designed for devices with limited …

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What Is Industry 4.0 & Smart Factories

Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0 is a phrase that you will increasing hear in business manufacturing, but what exactly is it? According to Wikipedia it is the following:- “Industry 4.0 is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing …

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What is Lora

Lora LoRa is a spread spectrum wireless technology, developed by Semtech Corporation. It has been developed to allow long distance transmission of low rate data. The low rate data is collected by remote field sensors and actuators, and is used …