2019 Guide to Buying Two Way Radios

This guide to buying two way radios is designed to help those who either are new to two-way radio systems, or are looking to upgrade your existing two way radio system.

First of all lets look at some of the common terminology that you will come across, when researching two way radio in 2019.

Digital & Analogue

Digital and Analogue refer to the way the two way radio transmits and recieves the radio signal.

Analogue is the older of the two technologies, it and tends to be cheaper to purchase an analogue two way radio, than a digital one.

However in recent years the price of digital radios has dropped, and some manufacturers have actually stopped making analogue two way radio equipment.

In 2019 we would normally recommend our clients go for a digital two way radio system, unless they have specific specialist requirements, such as certain Marine Industry.


VHF and UHF refer to the radio frequency band, that the radio equipment operates on.

VHF is short for Very High Frequency, whilst UHF is short forĀ  Ultra High Frequency.

One is not better than the other, and the best choice is dependent on the environment in which the radio will be used.

For example VHF tends to give better distance coverage in open country, and UHF is normally better suited to multi storey buildings.

Yesway Ltd is happy to offer free advice, andĀ  also carry out site surveys to design the best system possible, for your businesses individual requirements.


DMR and dPMR are rival digital standards, similar to the way that the old fashioned video recorders (VCR), had two competing main standards originally.

After a few years since the digital radios came onto the market, the DMR standard appears to the the dominant winner.

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