VHF Walkie-talkies

You may have come across the term VHF in relation to walkie talkie hire, and wondered what it means.

VHF stands for Very High Frequency, and is the the frequency range between 30 Mhz (Megahertz) and 300 Mhz.

Choosing between VHF & UHF (Ultra High Frequency) is important when hiring two way radio walkie talkies because the ‘wavelength’ is inversely proportional to the frequency, which means that the higher UHF frequencies (300 – 3000 Mhz) have a shorter wavelength than VHF.  This means that the shorter UHF signals tend to be better suited to use in buildings and built up areas, because the ‘waves’ get around objects better.

Conversely, VHF tends to be a better solution for outdoor events, as the lower frequency normally allows greater signal range, which may be important.

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