Weightless White Space Technology

Weightless’ is an exciting new wireless technology fro the Internet of Things.

It uses what is known as ‘white space’ to transmit and receive its signals on. White Space is the term used to describe the unused gaps between licensed frequency bands. These gaps are now offer licence free communication, as well as better use of the radio spectrum.

Yesway has joined Weightless  as an observer member

Internet of Things and Big data

The ‘Internet of Things’, or IOT for short is set to dominate the next phase of the internet.

The IOT is about monitoring and controlling everyday machines and items by giving them an address (IP address) on the internet.

Recent advances in low power wireless technologies open up the possibility of cost effective transmission of monitoring data, with long service intervals for the monitoring equipment (sometimes 10 years on one battery).

By capturing the data from all these internet connected wireless sensors, and storing it in a huge cloud based ‘Data Lake’ , trends in data can be searched and analysed.

Yesway Communications aims to be at the forfront of the ”Big Data’ and Internet of Things revolution.

If you have a business that could benefit from data monitoring and analysis using the cloud, then get in touch.

Problem solved for Lincoln Farmer with poor radio coverage

Recently we were contacted by a farmer, based just outside of the city of Lincoln, Lincolnshire.

He had had a system supplied and installed by another company a few years ago, however performance had decreased over time.

The first task was to carry out an audit of the installed equipment. This included performance tests of the installed radios to verify that the correct power output was being achieved from each radio. We also checked on air speech quality, and receive audio.

Once we were satisfied that the equipment was working properly (there is no point fitting a new aerial to a vehicle with a bust radio), we checked the aerial systems for forward and reflected power. This is done with a SWR (standing wave ratio) meter.

A number of the aerials fitted to the tractors and combine harvesters were in a poor state. Some whips were missing / damaged, while others were simply the wrong length.

The length of the aerial will vary depending on the frequency that the radio operates on.

The farmer had bought a replacement magmount aerial from a high street supplier, however these come ‘un-trimmed’. Therefore some of the power was being reflected back into the radio, and not going out into the ether (as it should).

After trimming to the correct length, the output power increased. They also reduce the risk of radio equipment damage.


Solar powered event hire

walkie talkieHire two-way walkie talkies from the only* company that uses the power of the sun to charge our handheld hire radios.

Hire two-way walkie talkies from the only* company that uses the power of the sun to charge our handheld hire radios. Click To Tweet

We have now built a system that allows us to charge up our radio hire fleet, using solar power, rather than the mains electricity supply.

This benefits the environment by not using electricity from the plug, which is often generated by nuclear power and fossil fuels, such as coal and gas.

We are also introducing solar chargers that can be hired for your event, to recharge our hired two-way radios at your event.


(Call: (01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818




*as far as we are aware we are the first and original company to offer 100% solar charging of our radio hire fleet in the uk.





Steve is Organising a Safe Charity Sponsored Walk


Steve is organising a charity sponsored walk to raise money for a good cause.


He has not organised an event before, and wants to run everything to his best ability, to ensure maximum safety for the participants.


Steve realises that there is the potential for the walkers to become fragmented along the route, as slower walkers are left behind.


He has decided that there should be walk organisers strategically placed at the front, middle and back of the walkers to ensure safety, should an emergency take place.


Being a brainy chap, Steve realises that instant communication would be needed in an emergency.


Therefore he uses handheld two-way radio.


(c) Craig Miles 2014


Steve and his ladder adventures












Steve is a man going places Click To Tweet

Steve is a man going places, climbing the corporate ladder, and rising to the top.

But what when he gets there (to the top of the ladder).

How will he keep in touch with his fellow workers, lower down the ladder, whether that ladder is on the same site, or at another site across the world (ask us about IP linked radio repeaters)?

Two-way radio, that’s the answer.

Suitable for your office, whether that office is in the jungle, or in an office building.

We have the solutions!

Call us now!


Where is Steve The Foreman?

training services

Imagine you are working in your office and the phone rings for Steve the foreman.

He is usually in the main factory at this time of day, except on a Friday when he likes to chat up the new temps (he’s got no chance I’ve heard!)

You have to keep the caller waiting while you go and look for Steve around the factory site.

Where can he be?

You could of course solve this problem by giving Steve a handheld two-way radio from radio experts Yesway Communications.

Then you could just call him instantly, and for free, whenever you needed to communicate with him.

The UK designed Entel HX series would be perfect for Steve, and you.

(c) Craig Miles (2014)

spalding arts event provided with radio hire at last minute.

walkie talkie hire
walkie talkie hire
walkie talkie hire

Imagine realising at the last minute that you did not have enough radios for your event.

That’s what happened to a local arts organisation that was organising an event in Spalding.

We were phoned at 7PM on a Thursday night, with a last minute request to hire radio communications equipment.
The event was due to take place over the weekend, and the equipment was required to be delivered by 8:30 AM the next morning.
Fortunately the event organisers had called Yesway Communications of Lincolnshire, and we worked late into the night to check, charge and arrange the paperwork for the Friday morning delivery.

As promised, we delivered the radio hire equipment on time at the required location.

We aim to go the extra mile for our clients.

Do you have a last minute requirement for walkie talkies (two way handheld radios)?

(01522) 740818 or (01482) 520818

Radio Programming for Renewables Industry

atex marine radio
Marine Atex Handheld for explosion risk environments

We have been working for a leading energy company, who work in the offshore renewables industry.

They had bought UHF handheld radio equipment from another supplier that appeared not to work, and they came us with the intention of purchasing new replacement equipment at considerable cost, for an urgent job at an offshore wind farm development.

We travelled up to their operating base in Sunderland and carried out a radio range survey, using our own UHF equipment. This test proved successfull, with full coverage in all the required locations.

Next we took away one of their handheld radios to our workshop in Lincolnshire, where we hooked up the radio to our computer, and read the software programming details of the radio. This test proved what we had suspected, namely that the radios were not setup in a way best suited to the customers operational needs.

Once correct licence details were obtained from the client, we headed back to Sunderland and correctly programmed all of the clients handheld radios (over 20).

This was carried out to a very tight timescales, as we were asked to go back to Sunderland only at 4PM. We packed up, and arrived just after 8PM, and completed the task just after 10PM.

The renewable energy client needed to use them for operational purposes, later that same night. YESWAY  DID IT!

Contact us for help, on land or sea!

(01522) 740818