Hytera BD505 Digital Handheld

Hytera BD505 is a digital two-way radio, provides instant radio communications.

The BD505 is capable of operating in both digital and analogue mode.

This allows the incorporation of the BD505 into an existing analogue radio fleet.

By gradually replacing the radios, the user is able to save money.

Once all analogue radios have been replaced, the system can be run in digital mode.

Digital mode offers a better range at the fringes of coverage and clear audio.

The Hytera BD505 is a very rugged radio. It has been designed to meet Mil-STD-810G.

Mil-STD-810G covers temperature shock, vibration, and high and low-temperature humidity.

The resistance to dust and water ingress is known as the IP rating.

The BD505 has an IP rating of IP54, which is great for everyday use, such as warehousing and industrial use.

The Hytera BD505 uses the DMR digital standard.

The DMR standard has emerged in recent years as the dominant digital standard for two-way radio equipment.

The radio features an indicator LED.

The LED lights green when receiving a signal, and red when transmitting a signal.

Battery life if very good, with 16 hours from the standard 1500 mAH battery, and 22 hours from the optional larger 2000 mAH battery.

It should be noted that the battery life figures quoted, are based on assumptions by the manufacturer, as to typical use.

Transmitting uses more battery power than receiving, or when the radio is turned on by not receiving a signal.

Therefore if a user talks a lot, battery life may be less than quoted.

Another useful feature of the Hytera BD505 is the VOX feature.

VOX allows the user to transmit hands-free, without having to press the transmit button.

The VOX feature, therefore, is useful for use when the user needs both hands available.

Options include six-way battery multi chargers.