Hytera PD705 Hire

Hytera PD705 Digital DMR Handheld Radio hire

Hytera PD705 Hire

Hytera PD705 is the perfect radio for outdoor event hire, due to its IP67 rating.

This means it has a high tolerance to water, so is great for a whole range of outdoor activities.

Short term Hytera PD705 hire: £8.33 per week (ex VAT @ 20%).

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Long term hire: please call to discuss requirements.

The Hytera PD705 digital handheld two-way radios are cutting edge Etsi DMR standards compliant, giving you reassurance that they will work with other DMR standards compliant systems, such as Motorola Mototrbo digital range.

We are able to hire the Hytera PD705 to you on a weekly, or longer basis, with full support.

Ergonomic Design

The globally patented industrial design and antenna design ensures that the Hytera PD705 gives convenient operation and remarkable GPS performance.

Reliable Quality

PD705/705G is strictly compliant with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F and IP67 standards, ensuring outstanding performance even in harsh event or construction environments. Therefore you will not have to worry about it raining at your event, as these can be dropped in water.

Superior Voice

With the combined application of narrowband codec and digital error-correction technologies, PD705/705G is capable of ensuring you superior voice in noisy environments or at the edge of the coverage area. In addition, the adoption of the AGC technology also optimizes your voice. With a built-in 1W speaker, PD705/705G ensures clear and crisp voice communication.

Durable Battery

Compared with an Analog radio, PD705/705G can obtain an extra 40% operation time, so even the longest of events, can benefit.

Higher Spectrum Efficiency, Higher Channel Capacity

Benefiting from the TDMA, which is short for Time ‘Division Multiple Access’ technology, PD705/705G allows twice the channels based on the same spectrum resource. This is a big help to relieve the stress of increasing shortage in radio spectrum resource.

Dual-slot Pseudo Trunking

With this feature, the free slot can be allocated to a member that needs to communicate, effectively enhancing frequency efficiency and allowing you to communicate timely under emergent situations. This is like having two separate communication channels for your event communications.

Secure Communication

Besides the intrinsic encryption of the digital technology, PD705/705G provides enhanced encryption capability (such as 256-bit encryption algorithm) and the Scrambler feature (selectable). This helps you comply with data protection / safeguarding issues.

Versatile Services

In addition to conventional communication services, PD705/705G features rich data services and selectable functions such as Scan, Emergency, Man Down (optional), High-speed Data Transmission* and Lone Worker*.

Further Development Port

The reserved port in PD705/705G allows users or any third party to further develop other helpful functions (GPS, Call Control and Telemetry).

* indicates functions available in later version.

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