hiring two way digital radios for events in lincolnshire

Today’s blog update on what I am up to concerns hiring two way radios for events in lincolnshire.

I am busy making a list of companies in Lincolnshire that may benefit from hiring radios from us in the future for their events.

Radio equipment has moved on in recent years, and the days of local radio scanner enthusiasts eagerly listening in to your event communications can be over by using digital equipment instead of older analogue technologies.

In these days of data protection, not having secure communications could mean a potential breach by your employees when discussing  work related matters over the airwaves.

I can help you by advising on the correct system for your needs, in a non technical way if you prefer. Then when you are happy to proceed, supply, setup  & test the equipment in the ‘field’ before training any staff on it’s use as necessary.

Anyway it’s sunny outside, and I haven’t yet bought all my christmas presents. Time to go shopping I think 🙂

Craig Miles

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