Digital Handheld Radios

Digital handheld radios allow your business to communicate effectively and calls are free.

They come in two main standards, DMR & dPMR.

DMR is becoming the more dominant standard for digital two way radio.

Leading brands of digital radios include Hytera  and the British designed Entel.

Advantages of digital handheld radios compared with the older analogue technology include better battery life, and more efficient use of the frequency space.

The better use of the frequency space means that you can fit two communication channels within the standard 12.5 Khz channel bandwidth.

The difference you will find if coming from analogue radios to digital, is that they sound different.

The audio is clear, but there is definitely a difference.

This is due to the fact that in a digital radio the voice  from the radio transmitting, is converted to a digital signal before transmission.

Then at the receiving radio, the signal is converted from the digital 0’s and 1’s into recognisable speech.

The latest digital radios from manufacturers such as Entel, sound very clear and lifelike though.

An example of such a product is the Entel Dx series digital radios.

Yesway is able to offer digital radios, such as the Entel DX series as onsite demonstration radios.

This allows your business to try the radios out for themselves, and see how clear the latest digital radios are.

Radios are available for land and sea applications, as well as for harsh environments, such as offshore industry.

We can also configure any communication requirements, such as the ability to select individuals to talk to, or group talk facilities.

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