Man Down

Man Down’ is a safety feature that alerts the control room, or other radio users, if someone collapses.

If a Lone Worker falls down, or becomes unconcious, then the Man Down system, will initially emit a warning to the radio user.

If the user does not respond to the warning, by pressing the OK button, then the alarm is triggered.

Other ways to prevent the full alarm being triggered, is to tap the radio, or correct the angle of the radio unit. In other words, make it upright again.

Man Down’ alarms can be configured by programming, to alert other individual radio users, such as the manager.

Another alarm option, is to trigger an alarm on all radio within a group.

The third Man Down’ alarm option, is to alert the control room, or controller.

The alarm notifications can be in the form of an audible tone, a text message, or a prerecorded voice message.

Once the alarm has been triggered, the radio that has triggered the alarm, will emit a loud beep. The beep helps the rescue team, locate the person in distress.

The system can be used with both traditional two-way radio, and the latest PTT Over Cellular systems.