Radio Communications for Farmers in Lincolnshire

If you are  Farmers in Lincolnshire who requires reliable & cost effective two way radio communications then Yesway Communications’ can provide a wide area system covering most of the Lincolnshire.

We have experience of providing Lincolnshire farmers with wide area communications.

A recent client wanted to be able to communicate instantly over a wide area.

The farm actually consisted of two separate farms a few miles apart.

There was also the need for operation inside buildings, vehicles and open countyside.

An initial onsite meeting and assessment was arranged with the farmer.

The initial meeting included a discussion of the clients ideal system, and communication range.

During the initial meeting, tests were also carried out using RF (Radio Frequency) equipment.

RF checks helped establish an initial picture of coverage range at low power.

It also allowed the accurate checking for coverage issues, such as inside metal framed buildings, such as storage sheds.

The next stage was to design a system that would exceed the farmers requirements.

Our service included system design, Ofcom Licence application, onsite installation of the repeater system.

We also offer LoraWAN which is a low power technology suitable for connecting crop and animal sensors to the Internet cloud.

This allows Smart Agriculture.

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