Radio Hire Use Cases

How to Effectively control your Stewards During an Event

Stewards play a crucial role during any event.  Crowd control and safety being one of their critically important roles.

If an emergency situation was to occur, for example with a member of the public becoming ill of injured, time is of the essence.

Two way radio systems can be configured in number of ways to help stewards and event organisers effectively cope with emergency incidents.

For example, a button on the radio can be assigned so that when it is pressed an alarm alert is raised with the event controller, or other stewards.

Radios incorporating GPS technology can help other staff members track and locate a particular stewards location. This is an important feature, as it allows medical assistance to quickly be directed to the correct location, saving valuable time.

Another benefit of GPS technology for the stewards and management, is that the stewards may have been subcontracted from an external contractor, and therefore not be familiar with the layout of the event location. Therefore the GPS tracking technology eliminates the risk of potential confusion and uncertainty, as to exact location, when explaining where the incident has taken place.

For stewards that are working in remote locations within the site, a ‘Man Down’ solution may be appropriate. This solution prompts the radio user to press a button on the radio at a specific set time interval.

If the button is not pressed when prompted, then an alert alarm is sent back to the system controller. This system helps ensure that all stewards are ok, and if not, help can be sent out.

There area a range of options that can be configured into a radio system to help stewards with their duties, and we are more than happy to help you achieve the best possible system for your events particular circumstances.