Solutions for the Marine, Ports & Shipping Industry

photo of radio headset for noisy environments

The Marine Industry sector is a key to the world economy. We are able to help both marine shipping and port operations. Marine ports are vast and constantly filled with large shipping containers and associated container handling machinery. Port operations require set deadlines and strict shipping times, therefore management of port operations require modern communication systems, that is efficient and reliable.

Yesway Communications’ offer a comprehensive range of digital & analogue two way radios, accessories and IIOT monitoring equipment to help with the maximum efficient flow of cargo and to maintain safety and security operations at the dockside. Yesway Communications’ can also supply a PTT Over Cellular or POC solution, which combines the advantages of instant communication using two-way radio, and the virtually unlimited mobile phone network range. The advantage of POC for the marine industry sector is that it requires no extra infrastructure to be installed, as it works on the cellular network. Providing you have cellular coverage, you can communicate. This is a great solution for staff working remotely, some distance from the marine port. This is because they would normally be out of coverage range from the conventional DMR (Digital), or Analogue system. POC will work anywhere there is a mobile phone signal, instantly at the press of a button. POC options include the incorporation a PC dispatcher with this system, allowing you to GPS track each compatible device, as well as voice communication.

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ATEX Radios

Atex radios are intrinsically safe products, for use in potentially explosive environments.

Such areas will be identified in your businesses risk assessments, and include areas such as ships battery rooms, and near gas installations.

ATEX radios are more expensive than the non ATEX versions of the same radio, as they are specially sealed to avoid the risk of a spark being produced from the radios electronics. A spark in a potentially explosive environment is highly dangerous, hence the additional cost not being an issue, as dead or injured personnel and damaged facilities, are considerably more costly.

lone worker protection radios
Lone Worker Protection

Lone working presents additional risks to both employee, and organisation. Such risks include accident and injury, as well as illness and attack.

Lone worker protection is built into many of the latest two-way radios, and an option on other models.

Lone worker protection allows the monitoring of your employees, by requiring them to press a button at pre-determined intervals.

If the employee fails to press the button at the required interval, they will receive a warning reminder, before the next stage, when the alarm is triggered.

The alarm can be configured to alert the system controller, or the employees other colleagues.

The alarm can be programmed into the radio to produce an alarm sound, a text message, or even a prerecorded message.