Smart Factories Using LoraWAN

Condition Monitoring

Smart factories improve automation and efficiency compared to traditional factories. LoraWAN is one type of LPWAN wireless technology.

Efficiency is increased both through process decisions being made without human intervention.

Efficiency is also increased by using sensor data to monitor the condition of machinery, such as three-phase induction motors.

Monitoring of induction motors, can include vibration sensors, which monitor the condition of the rotor bearings. A worn  bearing will cause increased running friction, which can be monitored by attaching external vibration sensors to the motor casing.

Other conditions that can be monitored on a factory induction motor, are rotor speed, Stator winding temperature, single phasing faults,  current drawn and voltage levels.

Other uses of smart factory monitoring systems, are the monitoring of the production process.

Smart Factory  Buildings

The factory building that houses the operational machinery, also forms part of  smart factories.

Automated temperature control has been around for years, and is also used in almost every home too. Its called an automatic thermostat!

Smart buildings can adapt the heating control automatically, by sensing where heat is needed in the factory building.

For example sensors, can detect if people are working in a particular section of the factory.

The sensor data is used to only heat the parts of the factory that require it.

The use of sensors can also be used to switch lighting on or off, depending on actual real-life demand for light, within sections of the factory.

Smart control of lighting and heating systems within the factory environment, reduces the variable costs of the the business operation.

Wireless Connectivity Options

Various wireless technologies can be used for wireless smart factory connectivity.

The choice will depend on a number of factors such as communication range needed, data rate and bandwidth requirements.

Technologies that can be used include:





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